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A ten-year-old boy stands unassumingly on stage in front of the “Britain’s Got Talent” judges. First, he’s…

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Savannah Grass*

Its carpet-like grass  Its wide expansive space Its huge umbrella-like shady trees. It’s devoted coconut vendors. It’s…

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Wounded Animal

I feel like a wounded animal. I feel emotionally fragile. I feel emotionally sensitive. I feel emotionally…

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Dream 2023

My parents’ back patio has been the home of my routine morning mindful meditation and prayer.  At…

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Change is Changing

Humans change. Families change. Societies change. Names change. Institutions change. Friendships change. Leaders change. Leadership changes. Theories…

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Be Still

From the Retreat House in the coastal/rural town of Blachiessuse, Trinidad and Tobago The morning is at…

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Tears of the Earth

It’s a new morning—the long hand of the analog clock positions itself at twelve and the shorthand…

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Synodal Flight

On October 10, 2021, the air traffic controller of the voice of God gave instructions to pilot Pope Francis for the synodal flight of the Church to take off on…

Synodality – Call for Caution

As I measure the pulse of the synodal journey throughout the Antilles Episcopal Conference’s geographic region, I sense grave anxiety and urgency to shift into implementation gear. Based on the…

Synodal Preparation

Life is like a marathon race or a mountainous hike. It tests our spiritual, physical, emotional, and social competencies. There are overflowing and overwhelming surprises, creating disruption, dislocation, and disequilibrium,…

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I am Donald Dean Chambers, son of Mum and Dad, priest for 29 years. I was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica. I currently reside in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad. For the last three years, I have held the position of General Secretary for the Antilles Episcopal Conference. I enjoy reading, writing and challenging persons with thoughts and sharings inspired by faith and scripture! I also encourage others to challenge me and my writing, so feel free to share your thoughts!


“There is a time for everything…under the heavens. (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Thank you Fr. D. The truth of the contrast of the two seasons is beautifully captured here. Reading this gave me hope. In spite of it all, Lent for many of us, still has the “final Word”. And what is this word? It is the Word that still exists in the lives of human beings; beckoning us in all our frailty to return again and again, to the Word made Flesh…Christ himself, during the season of Lent. Thank you Carnival! Your “farewell to the flesh” images, with all its beauty, creativity, magnificence, debauchery, drunkenness et al still makes way for the entrance of the Word to be made flesh once again in frail humanity.”