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Welcome to the blog experience created by Fr. Donald Chambers. Here you will be invited to reflect on his writings and allow it to transform your life!


Be Still

From the Retreat House in the coastal/rural town of Blachiessuse, Trinidad and Tobago The morning is at…

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Tears of the Earth

It’s a new morning—the long hand of the analog clock positions itself at twelve and the shorthand…

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Synodal Flight

On October 10, 2021, the air traffic controller of the voice of God gave instructions to pilot…

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Morning after Ian

It’s early morning.Ian’s tail is in the distant horizon,On its onward Caribbean pilgrimage. Ian unlocked the vaults…

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Great to meet you!

I am Donald Dean Chambers, son of Mum and Dad, priest for 29 years. I was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica. I currently reside in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad. For the last three years, I have held the position of General Secretary for the Antilles Episcopal Conference. I enjoy reading, writing and challenging persons with thoughts and sharings inspired by faith and scripture! I also encourage others to challenge me and my writing, so feel free to share your thoughts!


Fr. Don, God is using you to help many people climb out of the well. I am glad I met you on What a beautiful piece! Cardinal Collins of Toronto once remarked that there are two instances when a priest is horizontal in the church: face down at his ordination, and face up at his funeral. That alone always blows my mind, but I’ll complete his comment with his exact words: ‘In every moment between those two points, he must be on fire with sacrificial love and priestly zeal.’