Synod Response

I preached a Lenten Retreat in the Catholic Church of the Toco Missions (Rampanalgas, Cumana, Mission, Grand Riviere, and Matelot) during the third week of Lent, 2022. I reflected on the theme, Synod: Communion, Participation, and Mission.

Below is a prayer coined and prayed by Rebecca Francis and two reflections/poem by Nicole Richards-Bishop in response to my reflections on synod.

“Lord Jesus we pray tonight for a pure heart, one to respond to each other with compassion and mercy, to participate in sharing our own story. Help us to build confidence and faith into sharing our very own story. We pray too, oh God, that each chapter in our story of broken and wounded hearts would be healed. Tonight we pray too for forgiveness that we may open our hearts into accepting your blessings and grace. Bend our hearts to your will in communion, participation and mission. And we pray for that space, oh God, to share our messiness without judgemental. We ask all this through Christ our Lord, amen.” (Rebecca Francis, Cumana Parish, Trinidad)

Mv Synod Story

You want me to tell you my story!

For people to gossip about me!

You want me to tell you my story!

And tell it willingly and freely!

I don’t know what herb you’re smoking!

You say it is a synodal thinking.

To have a space to share our experiences.

A whole new change must invade our senses.

We must listen,

And not be judgmental

Reach out to someone,

It is essential.

Written by Nicole Richards-Bishop

Inspired By Fr. Donald Chambers


This little baccahnalist, Came to town! Telling us to give we story, And is onward bound!

He boldly say, To dig deeper today. Well now ah sweating, More than if I was digging yam whole day!

So mouth continue to open, And Synod came out. Communion , Participation and Mission, Was his shout!

He came by my ear, Well I start to get frighten! He say yuh using this to hear, But yuh need to listen!

He continued to give, Some practical activities. To be aware of our thoughts, And all the nitty gritties.

To let our feelings go! Well I thought I was Elsa! You know the ‘Frozen’ princess, Yes! That Disney character!

He said to listen to others, Let them tell their whole story. Pocket your opinions, Don’t ‘mash up’ the pary!

Look out for discernment, There must be a common thread, I only realized it wasn’t the sewing kind, Just before I reached in my bed.

Well oh gosh, he bring down the house! When he talk about gossiping, He say stop the eavesdropping, And the maccoing!

Well this Jamaican man, Real had we up in we feelings, Go to the source people, Don’t take no second-hand helpings.

And as we sat in his Chambers, He continued to flow! You know who I’m talking about! Yuh Don’ Know!

Written By: Nicole Richards- Bishop

Special thanks to: Fr. Donald Chamber

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