Synodal Waves


  • a community in dialogue leading to discernment, decision-making, decision-taking, implementing & evaluating.

To what can I liken this way of living as Church? 

Like a sea crab I buried my butt on a sandy beach,

Facing rolling waves, crashing a few distance from my feet.

Closing my eyes, focusing on the sounds,

Then opening them to marry the sound to the sight of the waves. 

My eyes capture distant white waves,

Noticing its dynamic ebb and flow,

Its rising and dying 

Until depositing sand on the shore to form the beach.

Synodal Waves

  • the ongoing ebb and flow of dialogue, discernment, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation,

Each action feeding the other,

Building in momentum, and

Finally accomplishing their mission – the beach.

But, synodal waves also deconstruct beaches

  • changing, reshaping the mission.

This is a time of deconstruction

  • reshaping our modus operandi and modus vivendi

For more effective Mission.

Synodal Waves act not on their own, but are

Guided and directed by the Spirit Wind

  • a powerful invisible Source.

When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father. . .he will testify about me” (John 15:26).

In common, Synodal waves 

Cooperate with the Wind,

Open to the Wind,

Listen to the Wind,

Surrender to the Wind.

This is synodal time

Let’s ride the Synodal Waves

To build a new of Missioning.

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