Cycle of Death and Resurrection

I wake before the break of dawn. It’s still dark in my room. Artificial light barely squeezing through a slender crack of my curtain. Darkness still reigns. It’s Easter Vigil morn. Darkness reigns. Darkness within and darkness without. I feel like a piece of meat in a sandwich Pressed together by the twin forces ofContinue reading “Cycle of Death and Resurrection”

Dying and Death – The Climax of Vulnerability

Life is like a journey from conception to death. Starting at the bottom of a hill and ending at the top. Both the beginning and the end of the journey are outside our control. That uncontrollable, unpredictable, unexpected moment, I call vulnerability. Vulnerability is that “unstable feeling we get when we step out [or areContinue reading “Dying and Death – The Climax of Vulnerability”

Sweat like drops of blood

Holy Thursday. The washing of feet ritual. Tiny feet, big feet. Aged old feet, child’s feet. Black feet, white feet, brown feet. Soft feet, hardened feet. Visible and invisible varicose vein feet, Dead skin covered feet, All feet mask a story. Only contours and texture reveal hidden stories. Knees in genuflection posture and lower backContinue reading “Sweat like drops of blood”