Embrace, Enfold, Envelop

Arms are created to embrace, enfold and envelop. When we embrace, enfold and envelop, we provide safety, safekeeping and security. When we embrace, enfold and envelop, we provide the warmth of love radiating from bodily heat. When we embrace, enfold and envelop, hearts race to pump extra blood supply to give life. When we embrace,Continue reading “Embrace, Enfold, Envelop”

Bedouin Story

Western pilgrims with Western mindset Western behaviour Western perspectives Western prejudices Western ignorance. What is Western about our Western view of life? We wear “I feel sorry for you” clothing. We misinterpret simplicity for poverty. Western tourists with a Western mindset. We drove into the Judean desert and saw the spectacular sight of St. George’sContinue reading “Bedouin Story”

Loving, Merciful and Universally Inclusive -LMU

Loyola Marymount University, LMU. Loving, Merciful and Universally Inclusive space, LMU. With periscopic eyes and cat’s ears Listening, Moving through this Universally Inclusive graduation space. A space originated in Eurocentric Historical Cultural Religiosity. Yet, embarking on a journey towards listening, diversity, and inclusivity. A Latino graduation space. A Kente graduation space. An LGBQT+ graduation space.Continue reading “Loving, Merciful and Universally Inclusive -LMU”