I received this 1930 cartoon from Archbishop Jason Gordon.  Look at it carefully.  Remember, it’s around 1930s.

I thank God for the wisdom of my parents. Their wisdom saved my life and the lives of my siblings. Diligently, they carried us to the public clinic to receive all our vaccines – polio, mumps, small pox, rubella, measles.  I remember vividly some of the clinic visits.  I remember the feeling of fear, fear of the needle, fear of the prick of the needle.  I still hear an orchestra of screams like surround sound bellowing from the mouths of innocent children. 

Not only is my memory evidence, but there are the old vaccination cards.  My mother carefully stored them away. When needed for school, she retrieved them, not from filing cabinets, but from plastic bags stored in drawers. But the greatest evidence is our very lives, our healthy lives. 

  • What if my parents were exposed to the false agenda of the anti-vaccines? 
  • What if they had refused to vaccinate their children?
  • What if they had been irresponsible parents?

Clearly, we would be either dead or alive, crippled with one of these diseases. I thank God for the absence of the internet in those days, for the internet has been commissioned as the vehicle for misinformation. 

VACCINE word cube on a blue background. Medical concept.

By the way, several years ago I received a vaccine for yellow fever.  I was travelling to a country where yellow fever is rife. What if I were an anti-vaccine promoter? I would have had to imprison myself, unable to travel. 

Rebuttal. The COVID-19 vaccine is different. We don’t know the long-term effects.  Ok.  I agree. We don’t know the long-term effects. However, what are our options now… today… with millions of persons dying? It’s clear that we have two options. Either we die or we take the risk of being vaccinated? 

Which do you prefer? 

Well, I am not willing to die as a result of a virus, when I have the option to live as a result of a vaccine. I am not willing to infect others and cause their death. I want them to live.  I want to live until the ordained time to die. I don’t think that the ordained time is as a result of a refusal to take a vaccine.

Ponder on these things. 

Ponder on these things….

2 thoughts on “Vaccination

  1. I beg to differ. As long as the majority of vaccines are produced at different stages during the research and development process with aborted fetus’ cells, and often contain aborted baby’s cells in the finished vaccine product, I will not get vaccinated. It’s sad that people think the use of aborted babies for medical research and production of vaccines is “ok”. Thou shalt not kill … nor dishonor your brothers and sisters.


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