Hansle Parchment

Hansle Parchment, the 110-meter Jamaican gold medallist at the Tokyo Olympics, posted an incredible and awesome story on Instagram that testifies to a Christ-like figure.

Hansle Parchment

Hansle narrates.  On the day of the semi-finals of the 110 meters hurdles, he accidentally boarded the wrong bus. Why?  He was focused on his mobile music. Understandable!  Isn’t it? Athletes preparing for competition, music as the food for relaxation and concentration. Well, Hansle arrived at the aquatic centre. Wow!  Did he switch discipline?

Remember now, any Caribbean city is like a peddle on a beach in relation to the city of Tokyo. Thinking of this comparison, I remember a Guyanese seminarian classifying Jamaica’s rivers as creeks in relation to the huge rivers of Guyana some of which could accommodate some of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. LOL. 

Back to Hansle’s story. Realizing it was not his real destination, he made several unsuccessful attempts to get to his destination. He was instructed to return to the village and take the correct transportation. This would mean arriving late for his semi-finals. A case of “everywhey yu tun macka juk yu” (Jamaican saying).  In a word, every door is closing in on him.

Pause again. Imagine what’s happening to Hansle’s emotions and thoughts. Emotions erupting like lava from a volcano, and racing thoughts surpassing Usain Bolt at his best. 

Story continues. Hansle approaches a volunteer. Her hands are tied. But she gives him money to take a private taxi to the stadium. He arrives at the warm-up track to prepare. In the video Hansle records his search for the Good Samaritan, as he refers to her, the next day. Miraculously, he finds her. Triggers her memory about her generosity. Informs her of his win. Shows her his gold medal. Gifts her with a Jamaican T-shirt. Repays the “Good Samaritan” the money.

I need not say any more than read, Genesis 18:1-15.  Everyday, you encounter angels without knowing.  

Hansle. Thanks for your AWARENESS of the presence of angels among us. Thanks for returning and expressing GRATITUDE. Thanks for sharing your faith story.

“An unaware life is a life not worth living” (Socrates). 

Hansle Parchment Gratitude Story

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