Rain. Rain. Rain. 

I arose to the dawn and was greeted by the sound of rain drops pattering loudly on my roof. Unlike other times of waking up to the morning rain, this time I was motivated to divorce my warm cosy bed and begin my day with morning reading, meditation, and reflection. The soothing rain created an ideal surround sound for sacred time with God.

Having completed my prescribed moment of prayer, I visited my WhatsApp messages and found a message from a friend at home which said, “Good morning. How’s the weather?”  I responded, “Lovely light rain” to which I received the reply, “Oh kk. . . it’s like a storm here.”

Have you ever received one of those “Ah! Ah!” moments, a light bulb moment, an inspiration moment? Well, I did.  It came like an angry landslide. What was it?  What is a blessing for me may be a curse for others.

Then my thoughts quickly responded to a starter’s gun and outran even Usain Bolt. 

“What about . . .

. . . the homeless living on our streets and gullies? Is today considered a blessing?

. .  . families living in flood prone areas or whose houses precariously hug the edge of river courses, ravines or gullies? Is today considered a blessing?”

When we are spared from natural disasters such as hurricanes, without thinking we say,

“God has spared us.” Or “God is a Trini God.”  If the hurricane bypasses us, have we ever thought that it would have crashed into another country? 

Is God not a Jamaican God or a Haitian God? 

Did God spare Trinidad from a natural disaster but inflicted it on another country?

Wisdom lesson.  The next time my wake is greeted by showers of rain in the comfort and physical security of my house, let me remember that there are persons who consider my blessing a curse.

3 thoughts on “Rain

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  2. Nicely stated. I’ve always thought our blessings to be curses and our curses to be blessings when unpeel the layers of God’s omniscience and omnipotence.


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