Carefully, I watched my friend’s baby as he awakes. His restless body wiggles and contorts in his warm bed. Bit by bit his eyes open to the world and he responds by crying. “Does he feel alone or abandoned?” But, the crying ceases when the long arms of one of his parents grab him up like a scooping up of ice cream.   

His tiny hands and mouth cling to his smelly saliva-drenched blanket, and his teeny body curls securely in the blanket of his parent’s arms.  Calmly he rests, with eyes surveying the scene. For the moment lethargy engulfs his teeny body, temporarily arresting his speech. Unexpectedly, he breaks free from the comfort zone of his parents and begins exploring his world. Now, full of energy, his feet take flight, and the world becomes his playground.

What a magnificent moment of renewal! 

Joseph reminds me of my own mornings. I awake feeling just as helpless and lethargic.  Accordingly, I spend the first hours of the day resting in God’s motherly and fatherly arms of scripture, meditation and spiritual reading. Nothing excessively heavy. Only light stuff. Among the inspirations to which this moment gives birth are my blogs. Inspired and written while I rest securely in the hospitable arms of God. 

The arms of God are my renewable energy at the start of the day.

“Prayer is not a discourse. It is a form of life, the life with God. That is why it is not confined to the moment of verbal statement“(Jacque Elliot)


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