Relaxation – The Seventh Day Gift from God

Like a fertile, soft, and loose soil, a relaxed human body, easily and freely absorbs the beauty of life and the beauty of relationships that flows over its surface.

At the end of a week, the end of a month, the end of a project, the end of phase of life, we become like hardened soil deleted of life’s beauty, life’s energy, life’s mystery, life’s wisdom. Life’s challenges and responsibilities have extracted every ounce of moisture.

Nothing remains!

Our service to family, to children, to spouse, to friends, to strangers, to enemies has emptied us. Nothing remains in the libido bucket. “Like a deer that earns for water stream so my soul thirst for you, O God” (Psalm 130: 1). Left unfilled, we become useless, toxic, empty barrel that makes noise.

Where’s God’s Seventh Day Gift?

It comes in many forms. One form is the magnificent tapestry of human interconnectivity that comes in the form in light conversations in the context of . . .

–       movie watching

–       alcoholic consumption

–       sitting under the stars in the dark

–       inhalation of the healthy by-products of God’s leafy substances,

–       a tight warming embrace,

–       laying in secure and trustworthy arms,

all clothed in moderation.

Relaxation – The Seventh Day Gift from God.

It’s like the farmer or garden setting to work on a hardened patch of ground. Waters it and loosens it. It’s now free, open, and flexible again, ready to receive and give life for another day, another week, another phase, another moment. 

Relaxation – the Seventh Day Gift from God. Gratitude to God for this seventh day gift.

Mantra: “God, give me the insight to understand that to live in the Spirit is to be part of all that is” (Joan Chittister, Breath of the Soul)

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