Darkness and Light

There are two worlds. So, I think!

Dark and Light. Inside the cave and outside the cave.

The cave – dark, dingy, deep, and depressing

  • Our emotional world.

We escape to the cave.  It’s secure. Safe from a brutal world.

So, we think!

We hide in its darkness. 


Life is hard, brutal, disappointing.

There’s failure, uncontrollable circumstances, unmet expectations, standstill dreams, destruction, suffering.

It’s tiring. 

We elope, seeking shelter.

The cave – now our residence.

No energy to return.

We sleep. Sleep away our depression. 

So, I think!

There’s another world. Just outside the cave’s entrance. 

It’s light. It’s beauty. It’s radiant. It’s refreshing.

This world – friends, nature, community all beckon, “Lazarus. Come forth.”

But, we have bad memories of this world. 

It’s brutal. “Isn’t it this world that drives us to the cave?” 

There’s another world. 

Is this world light or dark? 

Friends, nature, community have dark actions.

Is this world light or dark?

Perhaps both! So, I think!

How’s this possible? It’s mystery. It’s unfathomable.

But, this world says, “Lazarus, Come forth.” 

We move to the entrance.

We hesitate. We think. We feel. We see. We hear. We hesitate…again.

We return to the dark cave. We bravely step out.

We go deeper into the cave. We are touched by the light.

We call it quits. We celebrate freedom.

We take up permanent residence in the cave. We accept a visa for the Light world.

There are two worlds – dark and light.

So, we think, “Why do we stay permanently in the cave 

or, escape?”

I ponder! 

I ponder on these two worlds.  I ponder on my own world of the cave.

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