Dialectic Tension

Today’s physiotherapy session to strengthen my right knee muscles triggers this blog on DIALECTICAL TENSION.

My right knee is now weak. I remember the days of its strength. A time of strength, now a time of weakness.

The Ecclesiastes writer captures best the dialectical tensions of human living and creation (3:1-8):

A time for. . . 

Birth and death

Planting and reaping 

Killing and healing

Knocking down and building up

Tears and laughter

Throwing away and gathering

Embracing and refrain from embracing

Searching and losing

Keeping and throwing away

Tearing and sewing

Silence and speaking

Loving and hating

War and peace…

The dynamic ebb and flow is intrinsic to creation. It gives meaning. It triggers growth and productivity.  Imagine the disastrous consequences of life without dialectical tension:

awaken sleep, 

birth by death, 

heterosexuality and homosexuality

dry season and wet season, 

black and white, 

left and right, 

government party and opposition party, 

theological reflection from the Caribbean and theological reflection from Europe,   

male and female,

conversative and liberal views…

Let’s not forget the in between on the spectrum of opposites.

Dialectic Tensions. These opposing forces, held in a healthy tension, is operative within us, families, communities, parishes, societies, nations, and regions. 

Sometimes we dislike tensions. We fight tensions. We neglect tensions. We work to obliterate, marginalize and silence the opposites. 

Can humans allow opposites to engage each other in a dance, a dialogue…as does nature? 

Trees relinquish leaves in dry and winter seasons and welcomes them in wet and spring seasons.

Seas dance with low and high tide.

Night and day tango with each other.

Dialectical Tension. 

God’s gift to creation. Why obliterate it? Why not embrace it? 

Can we appreciate the dialectical tension between a fast-moving highway lifestyle with the  pause of the Coronavirus pandemic? 

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