Doors of the Human Heart

Like a house, the physical heart has doors called valves.

Opening and closing, they rhythmically allow blood in and out of the heart.

Like an automatic glass sliding door, these valves open and close, open and close for our entire life. 

They permit just the ideal volume of blood into the heart chamber; just the right amount that the heart can manage to pump at any one time.

Too much blood or too little blood, the heart malfunctions.

These doors are vital to the performance of the human heart.

They are the doorkeepers; they set the boundaries or limits for the heart.

In relationships, the human ‘heart’ needs these valves – doors.

Managing just the ideal volume of thoughts and feelings generated by circumstances of life we can handle at any one time.

Too many feelings and thoughts entering our lives at the same time, we become overwhelmed and overstressed. The doors of the heart need to consistently open and close, open and close. 

Acting as boundaries, the doors of the human heart yearns to be closed temporarily and say to us,

“Take a vacation from work.”

“Take a minute away from a heated conversation.”

“Take a deep breath when nervousness or anxiety imprisons us before a public presentation.”

“Take time to pray alone in the early hours of the morning.”

“Take time to exercise and practice mindfulness exercises.”

“Take a moment to lime with friends, to chill at the beach or river, to engage in a hobby.”

“Take time and allow the body to sleep well.”

“Take a sabbatical from work.”

“Take a moment to become aware of a magnificent rainbow, a glorious sunrise or sunset, the dancing of raindrops on the roof of the house, the sounds of birds amid the clamour of city noise, a plant or tree adorned with colourful blossoms, or the generosity of a street dweller sharing his food with his companions.

Then return and reopen the heart‘s  doors to allow the blood of life to be pumped into service, service of humanity and service to the environment.

Yet, there are times when the doors are malfunctioning; they need to be repaired. They lack the rhythmic movement of opening and closing.  Left unrepaired, death is the consequence – spiritual death, psychological death, physical death.

As with the doors of our house, they may need replacing, the hinges need oiling or the locks replaced.

This gift of the magnificent doors of the human heart, this glorious creative gift from God. Let us care for it.

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