The Mystery of the Human Person – COMPOSITION OF OPPOSITES

We are finite existing in the infinite of God.

We are selfish, yet selfless.

We are good, yet evil exists within.

We are adults yet have childish and childlike ways.

We are liberals, yet conservative.

We are rich in some areas of life, and poor in others.

We have earthly powers, yet powerless.

We have limitless possibilities, yet limits.

We have cold and warm hearts existing in one body.

We have a pilgrim spirit, yet hermit inclinations.

We can be imprisoned, yet free.

We can think both little and big.

We can be merciful, yet merciless.

We can be attentive listeners, and bold speakers.

We can forge war and facilitate peace.

We can fail and succeed.

We amass powerful armies and weaponries to kill yet be killed by an invisible virus or a human weakness.

In the same body, we laugh and cry, celebrate and mourn, think good and evil, experience hope and despair, consolation and desolation, joy and sadness.

. . . and the list of opposites endures forever.

“Lord, what are mortals that you notice them;

Human beings, that you take

Thought of them?

They are but a breath;

Their days are like a passing shadow” (Psalm 144: 3-4).

That’s the mystery of every person we encounter today!

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