Breaking the Cycle

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, my heart painfully shattered as I read a newspaper article in the Jamaica Gleaner about five Jamaican government Ministers and a member of the Opposition who allegedly broke the Disaster Risk Management Act by not wearing masks at a social public event.

What tore by heart?

Not the action of the Ministers, but the response of a poor father whose son was charged under the same Act and was unable to pay the fine of $200,000.00 (US$1,370.00) and ended up in prison.

His reported words,

“Same as how the likkle poorer class get charged, the bigger heads should get charged, too. But because the poorer class don’t have nothing and can’t help weself, so the richer man walk on them. And because they have the money, they can do anything and get away for free. The rich man and the poor man do the same crime, but is only one get away free … That’s just how it go.”

The political class are A class students of the colonial masters. This type of classist attitude and action isn’t new. One of tons of examples.

And what’s the punishment? A slap on the wrist by the Prime Minister… payment of JA$100,000.00 (approximately US$653.00).

Where is the law enforcement arm of the State to investigate?

Paulo Freire (1921 – 1997) hits the nail directly on the head, “The oppressed… become the oppressors.”

When is this unjust cycle going to be broken?

Who is going to break this brutal cycle?

The answer? WE!

When? NOW!

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