My phone rings. I answer.  The voice on the other end responds, “My beloved priest.”  I smile.

I bump into a woman at the grocery. She utters, “Beloved priest.”  She introduces herself and we stand in the middle of the aisle chatting. She shares a story about being distracted with house chores while the television was tuned to Trinity TV. She heard a voice from the TV saying, “Beloved.” Her heart leapt with joy. She immediately abandoned her chores and tuned into the “Beloved Priest” celebrating Mass.

In meditation this morning I am inspired to return to the origin (instead of “source”) of my use of this intimate expression. 

It’s Monsignor Preston Moss – late priest of the Archdiocese of Nassau, Bahamas. He was a spiritual mentor, father, and friend. In his preaching and celebration of Masses, he frequently addressed the people as “Beloved.”  In telephone conversations, he greeted me saying, “Beloved! How are you?”  In his presence, I felt “Beloved.” 

This warm, friendly, and brotherly greeting was gifted to me by Preston. It’s not just words rolling off his lips, it’s the spirituality and intimacy that accompany the words. For Preston, it wasn’t only addressed to groups, but to individuals.  Each person was much loved.

Like Elijah passing on his cloak to Elisha, may I be clothed with the cloak of your beloved spirit in ministry.

Rest in Peace “Beloved Father.” 

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