Door of Communications

Mout mek fi sey anyting” (Jamaican proverb translated as “The mouth can say anything.”)

Clothing communicates beauty yet hides beauty and the broken heart.

Words communicate information yet hide a groaning heart.

Actors communicate stories yet hide the true persons behind the storytelling.

Status quo communicates achievements yet hides the dirty path to achievements.

Actions communicate goodness yet hide the ulterior intent.

Singing voices communicate a love story yet hide the pain of the lovers.

Comedians communicate the funny side of life yet hide the dark side of life.

Preachers communicate God’s words from Scripture yet hide God’s words of today.

Parents communicate moral values yet hide messy pathways to learning values.

Teachers communicate information and knowledge yet hide wisdom.

Friends communicate support yet hide it in times of need.

Boyfriends and girlfriends communicate “I love you” in good times yet hide it in bad times.

Politicians communicate unconditional support for constituents at election time yet hide from them after elections.

Doctors communicate medical knowledge to patients yet hide mercy at the time of payment.

As we walk together let us gradually open wide the door of communication.

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