Anniversary Gift

Prior to her birth

Bonnie kicked up a storm

In the womb of the Caribbean Sea

Creating mayhem on the day of my priestly anniversary.

Before the sun rose and changed her pajamas, my eyes opened.

I lay in silent darkness, 

With slight disturbances from streetlights 

Fighting to penetrate the room’s natural darkness.

My mind gave birth to an ordination memory 

  • lying face down in cruciform position prostrate on the Cathedral floor.

As Grace – the sun awoke,

She arose in radiant beauty,

Adorned in her “Sunday best” 

Ready to boast to the neighbours.

She exited her house beyond the mountains,

Sailed majestically down the street in glory

But some dark storm cloud neighbours

Threatened to dampen her spirit.

Cheers of hooray

Bellowed from my heart,

Because I needed her rays 

As a gift to celebrate my anniversary.

I cheered and clapped 

As her dazzling rays rose,

But the presence of storm cloud neighbours 

Counteracted with jeers of darkness.

Refusing to be daunted

Her rays fought back,

And touched the heart of a priest

 To pay me a visit.

Slowed to a crawl by Parkinson’s, words of wisdom flowed from his heart:

“I must learn to gradually let go of my independence.”

“Synodality is journeying together. Priest journeying with laity,

Laity journeying with priest. I need to allow the people to journey with me in my

Physical weakness.”

With visit ended,

Jealous storm cloud neighbours regrouped.

Sprouting out rain and thunderstorm.

Forcing postponement of carnival-like celebrations.

Forcing the befriending of aloneness. 

The space of aloneness 

Propelled me back to 30 years ago.

Prostrate and alone on the Cathedral floor,

Yet surrounded by the People of God.

Yep, my anniversary gift from Grace:

  • Aloneness… 

Like a log floating in the vast ocean of the People of God.

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