Gaze intently on this pic!

What strikes you about the pic?

For me, I am struck by the stark contrast of the light green grass, the blue sky with the fluffy white clouds, the rugged mountains, the light pink poui tree, and the dark green trees – the beauty of contrasts.

Showing this pic to a friend, what stands out?

For my friend, it’s the expanse of the light green grass out of which rises or gives birth to the trees, the mountains, and the blue sky.

Another friend writes, 

“. . .the pink poui tree stood out against all the greenery and beside the tree that seems to be fading.  Do I dare to be different as the poui is different? Do I dare to standout for  the right reasons?” “…eventually I saw the two persons, male and female. How small they seem in comparison to the trees!   How often do I overlook others?  How often do I take the time to really see persons? Gazing at  the pic…how awesome is our God!

What is at work? 


Each person views and interprets experiences based on where they stand – perspectives. 

Where we stand is determined by several factors…both conscious and unconscious.

The human family struggles to embrace multiple and varied perspectives.  Once achieved, perspectives form a magnificent collage of insights for human living.

Is this not what the SYNOD hopes to achieve?

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