Tribute to Mrs. Dyce, Jackie, Jacquita, Scholastica, Mom, Grandma

Born February 10, 1942  and died July 8, 2022 the day I celebrated my 30th anniversary of priesthood.

I met her as Mrs. Dyce,

As a handsome teenager in love with one of Sharlene’s friends.

Then, years of ocean separated us,

But I returned to shore as a newly ordained priest

To serve Mrs. Dyce – the parishioner.

Like a sailor,

I departed the Jamaican port of ministry.

Sailed the vast oceans of studies and ministry.

Returned to Holy Cross Church and reacquainted with, Mrs. Dyce.

Crossing the bridge of Staf’s (deceased husband) charming personality,

I left behind Mrs. Dyce and met, Jacquita.

Finding the name cute and funny

My teasing lips uttered it frequently,

Soliciting chastisement with a smile.

As the relationship deepened like miners descending for precious diamond,

Our relationship shifted from Jacquita to, Jacquita Scholastica!

  • Scholastica! “From where did this name appear?”
  • Born on February 10, the memorial of St. Scholastica.

Again, the persistent ocean separated us.

I, to Trinidad, Jacquita Scholastica to The Bahamas then Canada.

Trinidad! Oh My God!

Jacquita Scholastica had the last laugh:

My next port of call was, indeed, the land of her birth, 

  • that “small island” my teasing lips would often persecute her.

WhatsApp video calls became our friends,

Refusing to make my teasing lips jobless,

Enabling me to telephone and say with a cheeky smile, “Jacquita Scholastica”,

Soliciting a gentle giggle saying,  “Faather Don”.


Mrs. Dyce – a well-mannered, disciplined but gentle teacher and a Trin-Jam wife of integrity.

Jacquita – loyal and faithful to her Trini friends from primary school and her adopted Jamaican friends.

Scholastica – a woman in love with Jesus and who shared that love with others.

Mom –  a devoted mother to two daughters,                                                                                                                     

–   and, like Elizabeth, gave “birth” to a son, “Faather Don”, in her old age.

Mrs. Dyce, Jackie, Jacquita, Scholastica, Mom, Grandma…

Your legacy of love 

Lives on in Sharlene, Deline and, of course, “Faather Don”, 

And lingers in the hearts and minds of Tracelle, Matthew, Tori-Ann, Nathan, Travis, and Leah.


Do me one last favour. Hail up Staf for me.

Tell him I miss him. I miss our arguments over a glass of red wine.

Tell him also,

I miss our team jabs at a Trini woman who used to snob us by refusing to get the best passport in the world. Don’t worry! He will know who this woman is!  LOL

Oh!  Another last favour. Give Big Bear, Mother Stephanie, a hug for me.

Written by:

Fr. Don

Bogota, Colombia,

July 13, 2022

4:30 am.

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