We are restless.
Children are restless.
Adolescents are restless.
Adults are restless.
Families are restless.
Societies are restless.
Nations are restless.
Human family is restless.

Restlessness is like . . .
. . . a river in spate
. . . a wild roller coaster ocean
. . . a monstrous hurricane
. . . the ferocious wind smashing into skyscrapers.

Restlessness is internal.
Restlessness is like oil in the belly of its ocean carrier, rolling wildly as the ship battles with the fierce ocean.

Encounters, encounters with people, circumstances trigger
Trigger restless feelings – anger, rage, excitement, disappointment, fear…

Making us wild like the river, the ocean, the hurricane, the wind.
Restlessness handcuffs us at the end of a day.
Restlessness is destructive.

Unchecked restlessness destroys….

Destroys individuals, relationships, communities, families, nations.

At the end of . . .
. . . a day, a week, a month,
. . . a contract,
. . .a meeting,
. . . a phase of life,
. . .a series of failures, disappointments, tragedies, or parties,
. . . studying, physical training

We are restless, reckless, and restive.
Restlessness triggers unhealthy decisions.
On the pathway of restlessness, there’s a discreet sign,
“Go to calmer waters. Head to port.”
To renew, to refresh, to rejuvenate
For the next trip, the next day.

We begin
. . . a new day
. . . a new meeting
. . . a new encounter
. . . a new contract
. . . a new conversation
. . . a new relationship
. . . a new round of negotiation
. . . a new response
. . . a new phase of life
. . . a new round of protest

By arresting restlessness and befriending restfulness.

“When God finished all that was created, he said, It is good and he RESTED. It’s the seventh day” (Genesis 2:2).

When the bell tolls, monks pause for prayerful rest.
When the minaret sounds, Muslims pause for prayerful rest.
Pausing is resting.
Pausing is arresting restlessness
To become new,
To begin something new . . .
. . . in a restful state.

When do you pause to REST?
What is your minaret or bell that signals you to REST?

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