Synodality and the EGO

Decision-making occurs in the factory of the mind

And is informed by the spirituality of the heart.

According to Edmund Freud

There are three interactive pieces:

the Id, the Ego, and the Superego.

The ego is like a bridge

  • visible
  • architecturally creative
  • aesthetically beautiful
  • mechanically innovative.

We see evidence of the ego in our actions and interactions

  • with the environment, people, self, and God.

The bridge is anchored

Never stands alone.

Like hands on each side of the bridge

Two separated landmasses hold a bridge in place.

On one side, there’s the landmass of the Id.

On the other side, there’s the landmass of the Superego.

The Id initiates a conversation saying,

“I am hungry!”

“I am sexually aroused now!”

“I must have leadership power now!”

The Superego responds,

“I am in the middle of a meeting, it’s not the right time to eat!”

“I can’t have sexual interaction, it’s inappropriate!”

“I can’t instigate a coup d’état, because . . .!”

The Ego, the bridge, then breathes a sigh of relief and says,

“How do I manage my hunger?”

“How do I manage my ravenous sex drive?”

“How do I manage my hunger for power?”

Id is the instinctive and primitive drive.

Superego is the moral conscience.

Ego is the decision maker – the bridge.

When the superego is spiritually and intellectually malformed,

The Ego, the bridge, weakens.

Then the Ego . . .

. . . separates rather than unites

. . . stands alone rather than in communion

. . . dominates rather than collaborates

. . . journeys alone rather than together

. . . stands on top rather than stands with

. . . desires competing rather than participating

. . . becomes destiny focused rather than experience focused

. . . manipulates and controls rather than invites

. . . becomes boastful rather than humble

. . . leads in front and forgets those behind

. . . excludes the weak and vulnerable rather than including them

. . . leads with colourful words rather than with humble action

. . . abandons the fallen rather than walking with them

. . . hardens the heart rather than opening it to listen

. . . makes self-decision rather than discerning with others.

And confuses colourful religious garbs and authority for authentic spirituality.

A well informed and formed superego anchors the egod

To decide how to . . . Together

Commune and Participate in Mission.

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