Glorybe Stole

Gift of a black, gold, green priestly stole.

Black, Gold, and Green

Colours of the Jamaican flag.

Black – Strength and creativity of the people.

Gold – Natural beauty of the sunlight

and wealth of the country.

Green – Hope and agricultural resources.

The priest’s stole

“Lord, restore the stole of immortality, 

which I lost through the collusion of our

first parents, and, unworthy as I am

to approach Your sacred mysteries,

may I yet gain eternal joy.”

Worn round the neck.

Supported by the shoulders.

Passing near to the heart.

Resting on the chest.

Black – sign of mystery.

I bear the yoke of Christ, 

  • the divine mystery of the sacraments
  • the divine mystery revealed in our people.

Gold – sign of Grace.

Passing over my heart

Inspired by my heart

God’s golden grace shines brilliantly in words and actions.

Green – sign of life.

Resting on my chest

Pressing chest to breathe

Breathing abundant life for our people.

Black, Gold, and Green 

Born from Christ’s mystery 

Erupting from the belly bottom of suffering.

Black, Gold, and Green Priestly Stole

Born from the womb of a generous heart

Born from the womb of creative hands

Born from sacrificial spirit

Born from the heart, hands, and spirit of my Trinidadian mother 

  • Gloria Bertrand aka, “Glorybe”  

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