Synodality – Dance of Kairos and Chronos

Synodality is communication

  • listening, discerning, deciding, implementing, planning, and evaluating TOGETHER.

Think of listening, discerning, deciding, implementing, planning and evaluating as beads on a string – the string of communication.

Communication is like a dance,

A dance between two partners 

  • Kairos and Chronos.

Kairos moves to an internal rhythm 

  • A rhythm deep in our souls.

Kairos lives in the present moment

  • Awareness of the NOW.

Kairos is sensitive 

  • Sensitive to feelings, thoughts, and actions of each, of the group.

Kairos befriends silence

  • Silence to listen, listen from where the Spirit is blowing.

Kairos reads the “signs of the time and responds in faith” 

  • “The meeting is scheduled to begin now.  However. . .!”

Chronos moves to an external rhythm

  • a rhythm of measurable time.

Chronos lives in the future moment

  • awareness of the destination.

Chronos is sensitive

  • sensitive to goals and objectives. 

Chronos befriends functions

  • the activities that need to be done.

Chronos is measured, ticking, quantitative time

  • “The meeting MUST begin on time, come what may.”

Without Kairos, Chronos becomes the slave master of quantitative time

  • driving persons with the whip of goals, objectives and deadline
  • placing (deleted “place”) projects and programmes before the dignity of persons.

Without Chronos, Kairos becomes the proverbial dog chasing its own tail

  • meandering in the desert
  • becoming exhausted by repetition.

The Kairos and the Chronos in us

Learn to dance TOGETHER,

Respect each other,

Collaborate with each other,

Value each other. 

In listening, discerning, deciding, implementing, planning, and evaluating

Kairos and Chronos learn to communicate TOGETHER

  • to dance on the dance of the journey
  • to dance the dance of TIME,

Holding the beads together.

Finding the Kairos in the Chronos moment

Finding the Chronos in the Kairos moment.

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