Global Warming

In the summer of 2022, we witness the double wrath of extreme drought and flood rains and landslides across the globe. I watch in dismay cracking agricultural soil, wild forest fires, dying livestock, and malnourished babies.  The media also bombarded viewers with pics of raging muddy flood waters, houses and agricultural lands inundated by water, and drowning persons. Scientists explained that flooding of this kind usually happens after an extended period of drought because the soil is looser and can easily wash away. All caused by rising earth temperature.  Otherwise known as global warming.

Equally, there’s another ‘warming’ taking place in our human or fraternal relationships.  Long periods of drought occur in relationships because of unresolved issues, abusive behaviour, and infidelity, triggering feelings of hurt, anger, and disappointment. Eventually, dry cracks open in relationships leading to intense polarization.

In circumstances of arid relationships, let’s consider the wisdom lessons. First, a gentle approach to reconciliation in relationships is recommended. Such approach is like gentle rain caressing the dry soil. There’s gradual penetration of the water of trust in the mind and heart of the individuals.  So gentle, it’s easier to accept and absorb. Second, a longer waiting period for reconciliation is likely to lead to flooding and destruction when the rain comes. So dry is the soil of the relationship that the water level of distrust is high and strong. When there’s conflict and polarization in intimate, social, political, or religious relationships, early intervention is advisable. The longer one waits the more difficult and challenging is the hope of reconciliation leading to greater polarization, violent conflicts, and destruction of lives.

As we embark on reversing the global warming of the earth, let’s also reverse the global warming in human relationships with gentle and courageous efforts of reconciliation.

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