Life – A Fading Shadow

“Persons come into the fibre of our lives and their shadow fades and disappears. . .”

At the start of the day

Shadows are born

Sun rays gently kissing  objects

Voila!  Shadows are born.

Dwarf shadows arise

Grow larger as the day ages

Disappear briefly at noon

Reappear like magic.

As the day matures

Shadows fade with the dying sun

Disappear with the death of the sun

No longer anymore.

Life is like shadows 

Born in the morning

Dies in the evening

Another moment it is no longer.

I stand in awe

Steering into the eyes of a fading shadow

A lifeless body on a lifeless bed

Moving eyes, signs of a fading shadow.

A shadow once full of life…

Full of warmth

Full of care

Full of compassion

Full of nurturing 

Full of independence.

Now its fading.

Memory fading.

Social Interaction fading.

Body fading.

Emotional Expressions fading.

Holding the hands of a shadow

I think of my own shadow

Yes, I too am a fading shadow.

As shadows fade

Options are offered:

Watch and wait, helpless to its fading, or

Watch, Wait, and Wet dry and arid hearts. 

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