Synod Thoughts – Pope Francis and Brene Brown

The voice of the Holy Spirit speaks loudly through the words of two persons, thousands of miles apart – a religious leader and a qualitative, grounded theory researcher.  

Ponder on these words!

“The world feels high lonesome and heart-broken to me right now. . .We’ve turned away from one another and toward blame and rage.  We’re lonely and untethered. . . rather than coming together and sharing our experiences through song and story, we’re screaming at one another from further and further away. Rather than dancing and praying together, we’re running from one another. Rather than pitching wild and innovative new ideas that could potentially change everything, we’re staying quiet and small in our bunkers and loud in our echo chambers” (Brené Brown, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for Belonging).

“We need a movement of people who know we need each other, who have a sense of responsibility to others and to the world. We need to proclaim that being kind, having faith, and working for the common good are great life goals that need courage and vigor . . . Fraternity will enable freedom and equality to take its rightful place in the symphony” (Pope Francis, Let us Dream: The Path to a Better Future).

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