Personal, Communal and Human Growth

Day after day, I raptly gaze at my growing Noni tree. Starting from a tiny shoot, and now a full-blown tree, gifting, not just to itself, but to the garden community, and the environment.

As roots traverse deeper and deeper into the soil, absorbing rich nutrients, invisibly transporting them up the trunks, quietly producing branches, and leaves fanning out from branches.  Leaves grow and multiply, activating the process of photosynthesis, converting light energy into chemical energy, and releasing its fuel into the Noni tree. 

As my Noni friend is fuelled, tiny blossoms are born, issuing formal invitations to insects to form a partnership – my friend providing food and the insects triggering pollination. 


Fruits emerge miraculously from the partnership.  They mature, providing food and medicinal products for the human family and the environmental family. Even bacha ants, like disciplined soldiers marching in a straight line, pay visits seeking ingredients for food production. Fan-like leaves exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen. Growing gracefully tall, my friend grants cool shade against the scorching sunlight. 

Lessons from my Noni friend: We don’t exist for ourselves.  We exist for personal growth, communal growth, and for the growth of the human family.

3 thoughts on “Personal, Communal and Human Growth

  1. A lesson learned late in life. But better late than never. Thanks for sharing. Now reading “From Exile….”. Stirring many memories, thoughts, emotions and plans to continue to journal in a much more meaningful/real way. Always afraid that what is recorded may not be understood in context. But….


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