Different, yet Interconnected

As egg and sperm kiss and unite,

DNA of difference, yet interconnectivity is born.

Giving instructions and shaping,

Difference and interconnectivity to life.

Millions of different tiny cells

Evolving and growing,

Shaping distinct organs, personalities, and physicality. 

Yet, naturally interconnected to each.

Helplessly taking shape

Within protective womb walls,

Different from the mother protector

Yet interconnected to the protector.

Growing in body-hugging cocoon space

Separated from a harsh world

Yet, interconnected to it.

That outside world is connected to me.

Pushed into the outside world,

Ears, eyes, smell, taste, touch

Learn differences,

Learn interconnectivity.

Different from family members

Yet, interconnected with families,

Different from others

Yet, interconnected with society.

Different from ethnic groups

Yet interconnected to them,

Different from religious expressions

Yet, interconnected to religions.

Different from political persuasions

Yet, interconnected with politics,

Different from other animals and species

Yet, interconnected with the environment.

Although different,

My DNA quietly says, “You are connected.”

But . . . 

My social programming, like a volcano, erupts molten lava of differences, disconnections, and disruptions,

Burying me in the Sugar Plantation Great House lifestyle.

But. . .

Differences, disconnections, or disruptions

Can’t shield me from the raw smell of thick black smoke

Rising from wildly burning sugar cane.

What must I do?

Remain imprisoned in my Great House?

Or, emerge to seek the source of the black smoke,

The Stench of the by-products of my luxury Great House lifestyle?

Maybe, just maybe

The solution lies in collapsing the walls creating differences, disconnections, and disruptions.

Immersing self in the mess and muck of plantation life,

Aware that we are interconnected, “For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.” 

Difference and interconnectivity…

Differences are not meant to separate, cause to struggle, and/or subjugate.

Difference and interconnectivity…

Only meant for collaboration, community, and co-creation.

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