Wisdom – Sr. Terry

Wisdom – the Spirit of God,

Planting its feminine seed

In the body-soul

Of a Caribbean/Jamaican woman.   

Wisdom generates razor-sharp intellect.

Utilizing intellect

To conceive, birth, and form

Intellectual children.

Wisdom births mercy in action.

Mercy – “entering the chaos of others.”

Mercy preached.

Mercy lived in a hybrid context.

Wisdom inspires, “Yes!”

Yes, to Mercy discipleship.

Yes, to forming Mercy disciples

Yes, to a life of mercy.

Wisdom forms the intimacy of relationships.

Relationships – welcoming different persons and perspectives,

Allowing them to shape,

Shape intellectual thought and friendship.

Wisdom embraces growing old gracefully.

Cuddling the vulnerability of old age,

Weakness contained in a wheelchair

Obediently listening to instructions.

Wisdom is like a small poinsettia,

Planted in the muck and mess of a frail body.

Beauty lies in frailty 

Beauty lies in the heart – heart-living hospitality.

Wisdom conceives graciousness.

Graciousness is gratitude,

“Thanks for the visit

“Can you come again?”

Wisdom senses beauty.

Beauty all around

In persons, in the environment

In the place of abode.

Wisdom inspires deep awareness,

Awareness of historical significance,

In Mercy history

Lived among a community of Mercy sisters.

Wisdom becomes personified

In an intellectual, a mentor, a colleague, a friend,

A Jamaican woman, 

A Caribbean woman, 

A hybrid woman formed by the mosaic of interlocking cultures.

Wisdom walks with us.

Wisdom talks with us.

Wisdom identifies God’s presence in context.

Wisdom writes in ‘Latinize’ format about God in context.

Wisdom is amongst us!

(A visit to Sr. Theresa Lowe-Chin, a female Caribbean Theologian and Sister of Mercy, by Dr. Anna Perkins and myself inspired this blog.)

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