Incarnation – From parochialism to universalism

God becomes incarnate in the parochialism of space and time.

Present yet limited. . .

  • in Palestine.
  • in Israel.
  • in the villages of Bethlehem and Nazareth.
  • in Jerusalem.
  • within Jewish race, religion, and culture.
  • on the mountaintop of Olive.
  • in the Jordan River.
  • on the plains of Galilee.
  • on the shores of Lake Galilee.
  • in the household of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.
  • at Jacob’s Well.
  • in the streets of Jerusalem.
  • in the history of the Roman occupation of Israel.

God’s incarnation transcends the parochialism of Israel, Palestine, and Judaism to the universalism of the earth and beyond.  From . . .

. . . Palestine to occupied Pakistan,

. . . Israel to Icacos,

. . . Bethlehem to Botswana,

. . . Jerusalem to Johannesburg,

. . . Judaism to just about every religion,

. . . Mount of Olives to the Blue Mountains,

. . . the Jordan River to the Amazon,

. . . the plains of Galilee to the plains of Guyana,

. . . the shores of Lake Galilee to the shores of Lake Victoria, 

. . . Jewish households to households of Somalia,

. . . Jacob’s Well to the wells of small towns and villages,

. . . yesterday’s history to today to today’s history.    

The Spirit of God throws the pebble of the incarnation into the lake of space and time, creating a transformative historical divine ripple effect throughout the universe and into today’s time and beyond. 

Today, where you stand, walk, sleep, or run is holy. Likewise, the time you live is holy because the Spirit allows the incarnation to transcend from parochialism to universalism. 

Today, build a tent-like ‘shrine’ where you go, worship your God there, and then move on to other places where the incarnate God awaits you!

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