Helicopter and Lawnmower Parents

Two teachers gifted me with the terms “helicopter parents” and “lawnmower parents” based on their years in the profession.

“Helicopter parents” always hover over or scrutinize every move of their children, imprisoning them with their eyes, and not allowing them to venture into unchartered territories on their own.  

“Lawnmower parents” utilize their energy and resources to mow down any obstacles in the pathway of their children’s lives, thus protecting and shielding them from challenging circumstances. “Children”, they argue unconsciously, “should have a smooth path in life.”

I buried these two concepts in a shallow grave and unearthed them while showering one morning. I started thinking that so many people, especially in relationships, are programmed and groomed to be takers, not givers. I encounter many individuals who are like parasitic plants, that are consistently emotionally and socially dependent. They haven’t been programmed or socialized to give, sacrifice, or look out for others.  They are like “fixer-upper houses,” badly in need of social and emotional repairs, not fit to house and provide shelter for others in relationships. 

Then, a light bulb question was switched on in my head. Are the helicopter and lawnmower parents responsible for these people?  Or, even the absentee parents?

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