What is truth?

Truth is like the raw nakedness of nature.
Like a bee hopping from flower to flower without clothing,
Like the expanse of grass spreading out in freedom,
Like birds with open wings riding the wind,
Like fish swimming purposefully in the vast free ocean.
Truth is the raw, inner, unadulterated essence of our created being,
Revealed to the world in the nakedness of birth.

Like water upwardly creeping through rocky crevices to surface,
Time unveils the essence of our being.
And social groups act like pipes guiding truth to the surface,
Truth that is as diverse and numberless as the stars of the skies. 

Yet, there’s a vicious inner tension.
A tension
Between preserving truth in all its diverse expressions and 
Choosing one above the others and attempting to obliterate the others.
It’s the Cain and Abel phenomenon,
A phenomenon based on prejudice.

When this occurs,

Truth dies.
Prejudice is born.

Truth is forgotten.
Prejudice becomes the truth.

Truth is a hard pill to swallow.
Prejudice becomes false comfort.

Truth feels threatening.
Prejudice brings deceptive hope.

Truth brings healthy chaos.
Prejudice promises a false sense of order.

Truth includes.
Prejudice excludes.

Truth conceives joys.
Prejudice causes tears of pain.

Truth creates inner peace.
Prejudice gives false comfort.  

Truth frees freedom.
Prejudice imprisons freedom.

Truth opens the door to storytelling and listening.
Prejudice closes the door to storytelling and listening.

Truth is open to discovery.
Prejudice prejudges.

Truth sees the spirit of the law.
Prejudice clings to the letter of the law.

Truth encourages freedom of expression.
Prejudice stifles freedom of expression.

Truth acknowledges difference.
Prejudice cleaves to uniformity.

Truth is open to dialogue.
Prejudice closes the door to dialogue. 

Truth gives birth to justice.
Prejudice establishes injustice to dominate. 

Truth embraces and cuddles.
Prejudice abuses. 

Truth brings peace.
Prejudice rages war. 

Truth apologises for wrongs.
Prejudice never acknowledges wrongs.

Truth sails in freedom on the vast ocean of life.
Prejudice stays in port. 

Truth dreams of the development of persons and ideas.
Prejudice refuses to see new possibilities.

Truth is comfortable challenging the status quo.
Prejudice fights to preserve the status quo. 

What is truth?
Truth is the freedom to embrace our raw nakedness, 
The essence of our being,
And learn to exist with a plethora of manifestations of truth.

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