Movies and Christ Like Figures

Many secular movies have Christ-like figures. I watched one recently.  It’s a French movie called Mon Frère. 

After being accused of the murder of his father, Teddy, a black boy, ends up in a Closed Correctional Facility, where other young minors like him get the opportunity to “reform” themselves before they end up in prison. To avoid any further trouble, Teddy keeps his head low and intentionally outcasts himself from the group of white boys at the facility. But despite this, he is often picked on; especially by Enzo, who is another young, aggressive delinquent.

But soon, Enzo ends up losing his hold as a leader and, just like Teddy, he too becomes a victim of bullying and abuse from the other boys. Teddy takes his side and an unlikely friendship blossoms between the two. Together, they decide to escape the harsh realities of the Correctional Centre. They set out on a journey to seek a better life.  Not by themselves. Teddy rescues his younger brother from his paternal grandmother. 

The three travelled through Belgium to get to Amsterdam.  Why Amsterdam? Teddy and Andy’s mother lives there. She escaped from the prison of her abusive relationship with their father.

What happens in the end? Who’s the Christ figure in the movie?  Watch it. Share with me your thoughts on the Christ figure and why?

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