Sharing our Incompleteness

The COVID-19 pandemic resurrected my motivation to watch movies. I watched a Hindi movie with English subtitles called Do Paise ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish, translated Of Rough Weathers of Life.

In this art film, Juhi is an aging prostitute whose 12-year-old son Kaku is wheelchair-bound. She finds it challenging to take care of him with the limited number of customers that now find her attractive. Debu, a not-so-successful lyricist, is dumped by his boyfriend, and is out on the streets. These characters, in need of money and love, bump into each other, after which their lives take a similar direction. Their relationships, born out of mutual needs, change their perceptions about each other, which in turn brings a change in them—finally, a sunny day after days of merciless downpour.

At the end of the movie, I was bowled for six. In fact, far beyond the stands of the cricket grounds of my emotions and thoughts. Why?  These words appeared at the end of the movie.

Love is not about finding someone who can make you feel complete but being with someone with whom you can share your incompleteness.

I went to bed and cuddled with these words. I woke up next morning with the words faithfully and peacefully at my side.  I share this with you, without comments, judgment, or analysis. 

What’s my intention?  Am not so sure. Perhaps for contemplation. If any fruit  should arise from your contemplation, share it please.

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