The Human Touch

It’s comforting, secure, trustworthy and intimate.  When touched, we feel the throbbing heartbeat, the gentle expansion and contraction of the movement of the chest, the smoothness of skin, and the stimulus of body odor tickles hairy nostrils.  The tenderness of hands, in slow motion, moving up and down a receptive body. 

It’s the human touch. It’s human touch. It’s home-like. It’s hands clutching a body, not like prison, but a blanket. Like mild electric shocks, the receptive body responds – heartbeat increases, blood increases its speed through veins and arteries, breathing intensifies, muscles throb, the mind marries freedom. The semi-dark space holds no fear. It holds only trust. 

The human touch allows me to imagine the first Divine touch. God touching the raw, smelly, broken, rotten and chaotic soil with His hands and forms humans. God touches the inner lifeless human with Ruah – God’s breath. It’s life giving. It’s comforting, secure and intimate.

God is touched. God touches.

The masculine hands of the carpenter touch God in human flesh. The feminine hands feed God in human flesh. The divine in human responds. The mouth of God in human flesh touches succulent breasts. Head touches broad masculine chest, many times in dark, secure and intimate space.

It’s the touch. It’s the human touch.

The divine in human teaches how to give and receive touch. He touches children. He allows the beloved to rest his head on his chest. It’s comforting, secure, trustworthy and intimate. It’s healing…not hurting.

But authentic touching is forgotten. It becomes distant memories.  Abuse, neglect, pandemic and abandonment cloud our memory of the original Divine touch. We are hurt by inauthentic touch. 

I crave for authentic touch. We crave for authentic touch. Touch that is comforting, secure, trustworthy, and intimate. Touch that occurs in the dark, comforting, secure, trustworthy and intimate space of the womb. Touch that is life-giving, healing and eternal.

The Divine longs to renew the earth, renew humanity with a touch. Who will cooperate? Who’s willing to touch again? Who’s willing to receive it?

The earth, humans, we, I need(s) a comforting, secure, trustworthy and intimate touch.  But, we/I/the Church need(s) renewal to touch in a new way. 

“Only in the intimacy of the heart . . . can we see clearly the laws we are really meant to follow, the life we are truly meant to live(Joan Chittister, Breath of the Soul).

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