Bound . . . Bound . . . Bound . . . Boundaries!

Creation breathes boundaries.

Seas, rivers, lakes, oceans and ponds have limits.

Hills, forests and valleys have limits.

Animals and plants have limits.

Creation breathes boundaries.

Nights and days have limits.

Seasons have limits.

Hurricanes, tornadoes and storms have limits.

Rain, hail, storms, dew and snow have limits.

Creation breathes boundaries.

Universes . . . 

Planets . . . 

Stars . . .

Galaxies . . . 

Black holes have limits.

Creation breathes boundaries.

Women, men, children have limits

– childhood, adolescent, adulthood

– families, societies, friendships, associations.

Villages, cities and farms have limits. 

Creation breathes boundaries.

Relationships have boundaries

  • a time to talk, a time of silence
  • a time for sex, a time to abstain from sex
  • a time for work, a time for rest
  • a time to feast, a time to fast
  • a time to run, a time to walk
  • a time for carnival, a time for Lent
  • a time for oppression, a time for freedom
  • a time for injustice, a time for justice
  • a time to lead, a time to follow
  • a time for youthful restlessness, a time for mature restfulness
  • a time for on stage, a time for backstage.

Life’s dynamic and healthy rhythms respect boundaries.

Creation breathes boundaries.

Like the tides of the Caribbean Sea moving, sometimes gently, other times rough, towards and away from the volcanic or coral shores, boundaries move forward and backward.

But it is never to be bunted out of life’s rhythm. 

The day is Yours, and also the night; You established the moon and the sun. You set all the boundaries of the earth; You made the summer and winter” (Psalm 74:16-17).

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