Hybrid Relationships

Relationships – personal and professional – are like three persons preparing a community meal, not in opposition, but in cooperation.

The three participants are:

  1. Thesis
  2. Antithesis
  3. Synthesis

Thesis proposes, suggests, recommends, initiates, begins, places a menu on the card.

Antithesis agrees with some and disagrees with others on the menu. “I like that, but why not use this, because . . .”

Then a respectful and healthy conversation ensues between thesis and antithesis characterized by tension – tension between seemingly opposing perspectives. As the conversation intensifies, it reaches a climax, then it begins to descend into . . . into what? 

Synthesis is born. 

She doesn’t look like thesis or antithesis, but she has characteristics of both thesis and antithesis. She’s unique. She’s different. She’s hybrid. She’s colourful, tasty, attractive, and inviting.

She’s the final menu, for everyone, not for some to enjoy, but in which everyone participates.

Hybrid relationships consists of three persons – thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. 

Without thesis, antithesis has no opportunity to offer another perspective. Without anti-thesis, thesis becomes controlling, manipulative, and oppressive. Without thesis or antithesis in conversation, synthesis becomes a still birth.

Are we open to participate in this conversation?

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