Life is a rhythm

Life is a rhythm.

I feel the rhythm of my heart, the rhythm of my breathing.

I imagine my internal organs function on a rhythm – blood flowing through arteries and veins, kidneys purifying the blood, muscles expanding and contracting, eyes blinking.

Life is a rhythm.

The rhythm of flowing rivers, sunshine and cloudiness, ebb and flow of oceans, and lakes and ponds.

The rhythm of birth and death, sexual intercourse and abstinence, growing and shedding of leaves, flowers opening and closing, animals hibernating and waking, days and nights, dry, wet or hurricane seasons.

Life is a rhythm.

The rhythm of victory and defeat, gain and loss, strength and weakness, success and failure, sleeping and waking, working and resting, challenges and affirmations, rejection and acceptance, aloneness and companionship, speaking and listening, silence and noise, sickness and health.

Life is a rhythm. 

It teaches us to cooperate with the natural rhythm of life, learn from it, and replicate it in our lives. 

Like athletes whose success lies in mastering rhythm, we develop rhythms in our spiritual, intellectual, social, and human lives.

A life absent of rhythms or which opposes rhythms leads to disorder, chaos, frustration, anarchy, destruction, and finally death. 

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” (Maya Angelou)

Let us find the rhythm of this dance in every aspect of life.

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