Sacrifice and Light

I know well two daughters, full time caregivers of their mothers who suffer from dementia.

For several weeks, I witness the light of patience, care and compassion emanating from the words and actions of these daughters. 

Even when stretched to the limit by the uncontrollable and unpredictable actions of their mothers, they bend like coconut trees in a hurricane, but never break. 

Even when they pour out the last drop of water from the cup of their hearts and minds, miraculously the cup refills.

Even when tears flow from their eyes, someone is present to wipe them.

Sad African American female with tears rolling down her face

Even when there’s the need to take a break, God provides someone to take over. The only word that describes such merciful care is SACRIFICE.

At our family Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany, one of my nieces shared that as family members we are called to be LIGHT to each other as Jesus is Light to us. For several days, the twin words, SACRIFICE and LIGHT, have been constantly ringing in my ears.

Perhaps the meaning is that in every SACRIFICIAL act, we become LIGHT for each other. 

The hand that protects the candles in the dark.

In this new year, may we give birth to the twins of SACRIFICE and LIGHT.


Let us pray for all caregivers especially children who are caring for parents who have Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia. 

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