Awesome Wonder

An early morning gift

Appeared in the morning sky.

Dressed in seven colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Not just one, but two…stealing the attention of the morning sun.

Like paparazzi chasing celebrities,

Onlookers fetched mobiles for memorable pics.

Lining up neatly like soldiers on parade,

Almost inaudible, the sound of mobiles

Go click, click, click.

I stand in awe in the distance…separated…

Observing the choir-like crowd

With my attention on Noah’s sign of hope,

And hand about to retrieve my own

Twenty-first century technology of immediate self-gratification.

I resist.

“Why not use the basic human technology of the mind

To snap a pic?”

“That’s not the same,” was my argument.

Hand reaching for mobile.

I resist.

“Why not simply enjoy the moment, the beauty, the magnificence, the mystery, the awe?”

“That’s not the same,” the mind rebuts.

Hand reaching for mobile.

I resist. 

“Why not simply bask in God’s creation in gratitude, gratitude for the sign of hope?”

“That’s not the same. I need to have a  concrete memory.”

Hand reaching for mobile.

I resist.

“Could this be a sign of hope? Hope amid the pandemic, possible war in Ukraine, high inflation, devaluing and limping Jamaican dollar.

Pointing to hope – not in a pot of gold, but a pot of hope.”

Resisting to join the parade of paparazzi,

I stared. I focused. I soaked it up. I pondered. I stood in awesome wonder.

When finished,

I retrieved my 21st century technology. 

Took my pic, but by then,

I was a loner.

All had return to busying themselves, 

Forgetting the awesome wonder. 

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