For several days, I have been sleeping on the following words I heard on the BBC World News, “Blessed are the flexible for their lives will not be bent out of shape.”  I am uncertain of the source.  

I share with you my rolling thoughts.

We dream that every day of our lives will be like a highway – smooth, straight, and certainly without major interruptions or disruptions.  Sooner or later, we wake up, and realize that our current circumstances place us on a rough, winding road with twists and turns, and plenty of  potholes. 

One such disruption or “pothole” is the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even with these real and rough instances, we don’t wake up. We are still sleeping, or sleep walking. We live in denial. “It’s not real.”  We fight against the reality of the real. We try to escape it by numbing ourselves with anything on which we can place our hands.  We remain stiff, strident, straight, with our way of thinking and perceiving. 

But that’s the recipe for breaking, being bent out of shape. God is not a fool. God created trees with the ability to flex. Engineers are no fools. They build bridges and buildings with the ability to flex. 

The Coronavirus makes us pregnant with twins, named Adjustability and Adaptability. Some persons remain pregnant, others give birth.  For those who have given birth, it is possible because they stopped, studied, searched, and solved. They stopped at the advent of the pandemic; they studied its nature and characteristics; they searched for possible answers or options; they problem-solved and executed. 

Those are the persons who are emerging from the pandemic with wisdom lessons.  Their flexibility causes them not to be bent out of shape.

. . . when they found him they said, ‘Everybody is looking for you.’ He answered, ‘Let us go elsewhere. .” Mark 1: 38.

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