God, the Masseur

With God’s invitation,

We lie on the bed of vulnerability, 

With tense muscles,

With weary bodies,

With aching joints.

All wounded from the battle of personal life, relationships, and uncontrollable and unexpected circumstances.

With gentle and firm hands

God goes to work

Moving Her hands slowly up and down wounded bodies

Moving, not with abusive or ulterior intentions, but healing intentions.

Sliding gracefully with healing oil, 

To unlock every imprisoned muscle – 

The knotted muscles of disappointment, pain, distress, exhaustion, trauma.

As God works Her hands over wounded soul, Her Spirit breathes soothing, calming, and comforting music in the surroundings.

Meticulously and intentionally, God’s Hand moves respectfully over aching muscles

Bringing healing, new life.

In vulnerability and trust, sleep befriends while Her healing hands work.

Consciousness returns when God’s Hands make the final stroke.

Awake to new life, new person, new resolve to return to mission.

“The purpose of comfort is healing, rejuvenation, and renewal. It serves us by providing relief from pain and suffering, easing distress, and helping us transcend experiences.” (Matthew Kelly, Life is Messy).

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