Pruning, Presence and Participation

How did I feel this week? 

I felt like fruits churning vociferously in a blender – busy, hectic, stressful, and compact, and rubbing shoulders with multiple persons in multiple activities.

One of those weeks. Eh!

Notwithstanding, my heart and mind were still aroused.

Aroused by an exotic pineapple plant in my garden producing a tiny fruit with multiple baby fruits at its base.

This creation of God stimulated me to think about newness of life. 

What new have I given birth to this week?

Have I given birth to new . . .

. . . mind and heart?

. . . attitude and behaviour?

. . . values?

. . . skills and talents?

. . . relationships with God and others?

. . . new disposition?

“Have I facilitated new birth in the…

. . . society, family, community relationship?

. . .environment?

. . . world, neighbourhood, or country?

. . . idea or concept?

We work hard. We have hectic lives. We have stressful lives.  

We live blender-like lives.

Yet, do our lives give birth to newness?

I attended a wedding reception at the end of my blender-like week.

The groom had learnt a new piece of music and surprised his new wife by playing it on a steel pan. 

A new piece of music gave birth to a new person as his wife watched contemplatively in tears. 

At the end of the week, I questioned, “What new have I given birth to this week?” 

Perhaps, my decision to be present and to participate at the wedding reception was my “Yes” to Mary’s instruction, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2: 1-12).

Then it dawned within my consciousness – 

Presence and participation give birth to new life.

At the end of writing this blog, I raised my head from the laptop.  

The first sight my eyes caught, arrested, and imprisoned was a non-flowering plant, pruned a week ago, and now flowering.

Then I added the word, “Pruning” to “Presence” and “Participation.”

What gives birth to new life – “Pruning, Presence, and Participation.”

One thought on “Pruning, Presence and Participation

  1. Food for thought Fr. Don. Like a farmer who prunes his plants to allow fresh limbs to appear and flowers to bloom so too we must prune our dead branches to give life to new birth. To do that however, it truly requires the presence of mind to recognise the need for pruning/to be pruned, and a willingness to be an active participant in that process. Thanks for the reminder.

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