Nakedness and Resurrection

“He bent down and saw the linen cloths lying on the ground” (John 20:5).

Naked at birth.

Naked in the shower.

Naked in intimacy.

Naked at death.

Clothing at birth to warm.

Clothing after shower.

Clothing after intimacy.

Clothing at death.

God creates this rhythmic dance between natural nakedness and creative clothing.

Nakedness –  openness, vulnerability, freedom, acceptance.

Clothing – protection, attraction, security.

A time and season for each.

Like a hurricane

We disrupt this rhythmic dance.

Nakedness is abused.

Nakedness is fearful.

Nakedness is shame.

Nakedness is shamed.

Nakedness is manipulated.

Nakedness is for profit.

Clothing is fashion.

Clothing is expensive.

Clothing is wasted.

Clothing discriminates.

Clothing hides the mystery of us.

(“Simon Peter, who had practically nothing on, wrapped his cloak around him and jumped into the water” John 21: 7)

Nakedness and clothing now separate – becoming individual dancers

To our own demise.

Our entire life, investment in clothing hides our mystery

Like refugees escaping our nakedness.

Escaping the mystery of self.

Escaping the dream to become authentic.

Escaping the authentic relationship.

Escaping the fullness of God’s vision.

Nakedness and clothing are meant to dance together.

Nakedness is the leader. Clothing is the follower.

We are born naked, then clothed. 

We die naked, then clothed.

Nakedness is the window to our mystery.

Mystery of humanity – the mystery of the Resurrection.

In the empty tomb of Christ

Clothing remains. 

Nakedness takes on mysterious form,

Revealing the meaning of life and resurrection.


Let’s dance.

Take the lead.

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