Authentic Conversation

Authentic conversation is like an unending relay.

The baton safely secures our thoughts and feelings.

One person starts the race with his/her thoughts and feelings in hand.

Other players wait and watch to receive his/her incoming thoughts and feelings.

For the exchange,

Timing and touching are essential.

There is rhythm, routine, and reach.

In the relay of conversation, there are times we drop the baton

Cause we’re not in rhythm, routine, and reach.

It may be we’re distracted.

It may be we’re self-absorbed.

It may be we’re bogged down with mistrust.

It may be we’re unprepared.

It may be we’re “ruffled” by the unsuitability of the ambience of the conversation.

In the relay of conversation, mistakes happen.

We miscommunicate and misunderstand.

We misinform and misinterpret.

We miss the point and miscalculate responses.

We mess up and create mucky, murky situations.

With the  fumbling of the baton

All is not lost.

In the relay of conversation, it’s a not a competitive race.

It’s a race of collaboration and co-responsibility.

If only we would join the relay of authentic conversation,

Community and camaraderie would become the prize for victory.

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