This land of wood and water – Xaymaca (Jamaica)

This Land of WOOD–
We viciously tear it apart.
We viciously tear people apart with unbridled tribalism and capitalism.
We cut down its trees with machete and bulldozer.
We cut down each other with words, knives, and guns.
We recklessly burn its forests.
We recklessly burn each other’s reputation and dignity.
We stifle its trees with our carbon monoxide.
We stifle our people’s potential with corruption, waste, and underdevelopment.

This Land of WATER –
We pollute with industrial waste and garbage.
We pollute the people’s minds with propaganda, lies and deception.
We barricade access to white sand beaches with tourist dollars.
We barricade access to justice with unbearable legal fees.
We waste it with lengthy showers and luxury living.
We waste human capital with substandard schooling.
We capture it, purify it, store it, and waste it in leaky pipes.
We herd people in garrison communities, purify them with political and gang indoctrination, store them in tribal politics, and waste them in leaky political campaigns.
We exercise poor water management.
We exercise poor socio-economic policy.
We capture it in fancy luxury swimming pools.
Not for the majority, but the minority.

My friend writes, “This land of wood and water…we have been responsible for it for so long. Sometimes we seem to be our own enemy …and the people continue to suffer… and cry out for help.  Who is listening?  Who is responding?”

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