We must learn how to walk without fear

Inspired words from whom? 

Ras Jabulani Tafari, author, multi-media journalist, graphic artist and managing editor of the Rootz Reggae & Kulcha Magazine.

On what occasion?

Virtual Forum (May 22, 2022) organized by Conference of Theology in the Caribbean Today (CTCT) entitled, “Walking Together: Stories from the Margins.”

What’s the aim of the virtual forum?

Inspired by the synod process and the Emmaus journey (Luke 24:13-25) CTCT seeks to undertake a conversation on the meaning of walking together and sharing stories with those on the peripheries within our Caribbean societies, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.”

What’s Jabu story?

A journey across the turbulent ocean of racism and cultural alienation in the 1960s England; cultural and religious marginalization as a Rastafarian in his homeland, Jamaica, yet arriving at the safe harbour of religious and human consciousness. 

“Religion does not matter. What matters most is how we live your life doing good. Religion makes a person a better person” (Jabu).

The irony.

The paradox.

The mystery.

Jabu’s land of paradise becomes the land of marginality and consciousness.

Words of Gloria Bertrand – a participant in the Virtual Forum

“ . . . Jabu has come through the great tribulation and matured into a Man of great Wisdom and insight  of the essentials of human living.  I believe that everyone lives on the margins at different moments of the journey of life.  I believe what matters is our ability to grow in and through it, and to allow it to teach us valuable lessons as we walk with each other  and with creation.”


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