Before the sun rises

Before the cock crows

Before the stars disappear

Before the light conquers darkness

I rise with vague memories of a dream.

The dream:

In a room waiting, waiting for what…

My memory fails me…

Arrived the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A relaxed feeling blanketed me

As my mind accommodated two opposing ways of greeting them,

  • a royal greeting, or 
  • the way “normal” people greet.

In the end, I gifted them with a cool elbow greeting.

After by elbow greeting,

A conversation arose about the necessity to bend protocols and traditions

To deepen relationships.

This dream inspired the blog entitled “Bending”.

Bending accommodates accommodation…

Children in the womb bend to fit

Butterflies bend in cocoons 

Forest trees bend to reach the sun

Hospitality is bending to accommodate differences and diversity.

Bending moves movement…

Athletes bend joints and muscles to propel movement

Animals bend bodies for speedy running

Wings of birds bend to take flight

Groups bend fixed ideas to grow and develop.

Bending flexes flexibility…

Heads bend to show respect

Hands bend for worship

Knees bend to dance and prance

Adversaries bend hardened positions to reconcile. 

Bending flows fluidity…

Water bends to flow down mountains

Oil bends to reach crevices of engine

Men’s semen bends to transport life

Fluidity of boundaries allows ideas to flow to and fro.

Bending relaxes…

We bend to sit in chairs and lie on beds

We bend and curl to sleep

We bend hands to embrace

We bend our hardened ideologies to relax in communion.

Bending limits… 

Coconut trees in storms 

Gymnasts on the parallel bar

Skyscrapers in an earthquake

. . . bend so far and no further.

Bending limits . . . limits prevent breaking.

Bending is a Divine gift planted in the HEART.

Yet, the HEAD figures out

How to we must BEND.

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