Awake before Dawn

Before the day changes its pyjamas,

I lie alone 

With the pillow and the dark

My lone companions and comfort.

While the body snails towards optimum energy

My mind is alive like the noon day sun

Heated with thoughts

Red hot thoughts.

I think of mortality

Mortality of persons gone before me

Mortality of persons in the departure lounge of life

My own mortality.

I think of unanswered prayers

Supplications bellowing 

From belly bottom for several months

With no answer in sight.

I think, I think,

I think no more

I rest in the dark

Like a corpse in a coffin.

Cleverly a flicker of light

Squeezes between two curtains

Making herself visible

Asserting her presence.

Like a phone capturing a pic

My mind arrests the intruding light


“Is she delivering a message to me?”

One thought on “Awake before Dawn

  1. Normally “pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep “ but you sigh as the day has to be faced. Great post as usual. Thank you.


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